How To Become a Scottish Rite Mason

General Information

For general information on joining the Scottish Rite, please visit the Supreme Council’s website describing how and why to join the fraternity. This site has several short informational videos, several links, and a phone number that allows you to talk personally with a Scottish Rite Mason who can answer your questions.

To join a Scottish Rite Valley in Connecticut, a man must be an affiliated Master Mason in good standing in a Lodge recognized by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge AF & AM of Connecticut.

If you fulfill that requirement, please contact the Secretary of any Valley, using the links in our menu above. He will explain the next steps to you. For your convenience, we also have membership petitions for our constituent Valleys on our forms page.

How To Become a Master Mason (Prerequisite)

If you are not yet a Master Mason, and wish to become one, the requirements are simple:

  • A man must seek admission, he will not be invited.
  • He must be able to express belief in a Supreme Being.
  • He must be 18 years of age and of sound moral character.

If you meet those requirements, we suggest you contact your local Masonic lodge. A list of Connecticut Blue Lodges, sorted by location, may be found at the Grand Lodge of Connecticut website lodge directory. Call the phone number for the lodge and leave a message. Or, see when they are meeting and plan to arrive early (at least 30 minutes early) before the meeting and speak with some of the brothers. To obtain further information directly from the Grand Lodge of Connecticut, you may fill out a webform on their site.

If you have more questions concerning Freemasonry and if joining the fraternity may be right for you, the Grand Lodge of Connecticut’s “What is Freemasonry” information page can answer many of your questions.

You may also be able to obtain information on joining a local Masonic lodge by contacting our Secretary with your request.