Council Officers

This is a list of the officers of the Connecticut Council of Deliberation, the governing body for the five Valleys in the state.  Officer lists for the individual bodies of the different Valleys will be found on the Valley websites.

Commander-in-ChiefBruce T. Work, 33°
Commander-in-Chief EmeritusA. Norman Johnson, 33°
Commander-in-Chief EmeritusRichard V. Travis, 33°
Commander-in-Chief EmeritusJames R. Spencer, Jr., MSA, 33°
Commander-in-Chief EmeritusDavid L. Sharkis, 33°
First Lieutenant CommanderKevin J. Hecht, 33°
First Lieutenant Commander EmeritusGail N. Smith, 33°
Second Lieutenant CommanderRobert A. Simon, MSA, 33°
Minister of StateJoseph B. Cyr, MSA, 33°
ChancellorErnest A. Dubois, MSA, 33°
TreasurerRichard R. Jones, Jr., 33°
Treasurer EmeritusCharles F. Warfield, 33°
SecretaryAnthony S. Angelica, 32°
Secretary EmeritusVernon K. Cleaves, 33°
Secretary EmeritusRichard V. Travis, 33°
PriorVery Rev. Joseph Krusienski, 33°
Master of CermoniesRichard E. Frazier, MSA, 33°
HospitalerKenneth B. Hawkins, 33°
SenechalEarl S. Evans, MSA, 33°
Standard BearerMelvin E. Johnson, 33°
Captain of the GuardRaymond Dolyak, MSA, 33°
SentinelCharles A. McCollum, MSA, 33°
HistorianC. A. Duke, MSA, 33°