About CT Scottish Rite

What is a Valley?

A Valley is to Scottish Rite what a lodge is to Symbolic Masonry.  It is where Scottish Rite Masons meet, perform their degree work and enjoy fraternal fellowship.  There are five Valleys located throughout  Connecticut:

What is a “Council of Deliberation”?

The 32nd degree Scottish Rite Masons in the Valleys in Connecticut meet under the authority of the Connecticut Council of Deliberation. The Council is governed by a Commander-in-Chief, who is also the Deputy for Connecticut. The Commander-in-Chief is assisted by the Actives for Connecticut. Other members of the Council of Deliberation include:

  • Active Emeriti and Honorary Members of the Supreme Council
  • Past Presiding Officers of the constituent Bodies in the Valleys of Connecticut
  • The top three current elected officers of the constituent Bodies
  • Any other elected officers from the constituent Bodies (e.g., Secreatary, Treasurer)
  • Recipients of the Arthur M. Brown Meritorious Service Award

The Council of Deliberation meets each year, usually, but not always, on the second Friday in June. The meetings take place at a location decided upon by the host Valley, and each Valley hosts the meeting on a five-year rotating basis.

Other Information

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